Luminous Body is a nondenominational ministry focused on enhancing and enriching the Love & Light of each of our spiritual brothers and sisters – no matter if they participate or believe in a different religion or not.

For a large part, we are a VIRTUAL MISSION, serving brothers and sisters wherever we are called. It is our joy to respond to people worldwide! We currently live and work with individuals and organizations in person in Utah (United States). However, we will go wherever the Spirit calls us.

Meet Ministers Jamey and Ana Dragostea.

Before Jamey and Ana met, they were both insatiably curious regarding the Laws of the Universe.  They wanted to understand how people “succeed”.  What is success?  Why are some people happy, some sad?  Why are some rich and some poor?  Is there such thing as luck, good or bad?  Why do some “have it” and some do not?  Each spent their childhood reading, studying, and asking questions far beyond their age, simply because they both needed answers.  Topics such as religion, spirituality, abundance, success, health and vitality, love and relationships were at the center of each of their questions.  In their adulthood, their endless stream of questions continued.

Eventually, they separately found the concept of the Laws of the Universe.  The discovery, and even the idea of the Laws of the Universe, only inspired more questions.  One of the most misunderstood of these laws is the Law of Attraction.   Is it truly a Law like the Laws of Physics (e.g. the law of gravity)?  Does it truly work and, if so, does it work for anyone and everyone?   And if so, why isn’t the Law of Attraction taught, or even discussed, in our school systems?  Were the answers to Jamey and Whitney’s questions about life buried deep, hidden in these Universal Laws?

As both Jamey and Ana were experiencing some of the hardest times in their lives in Spring 2016, they met.  At first, it was nothing more than a business meeting.  Their friendship developed over the next few months and as the questions continued, they shared their thoughts, ideas, and visions with each other – they came to realize they were on the same path in life.   About six months after their first fateful meeting, their friendship blossomed into a beautiful and romantic partnership – they both found their life’s mission in one another.  The mission: to teach, inspire and motivate.  The path: to answer the most human fundamental questions of who are we, why are we here, what is our purpose?  How do we achieve that purpose when we find it out?  How can we achieve our purpose and have happiness, success, money, and ultimate health?  Can we have it all?  Is there a God?  Is there a pre-existence?  Is there an afterlife?

THIS is Luminous Body ! Luminous Body Ministry is the culmination of the answers Jamey and Ana have found to the questions they asked.  The answers will surprise you.  No matter what question you have… no matter what you’re looking for … no matter what you want to have, be, or want to accomplish, Luminous Body is here to help answer those questions for you.

We are learning and evolving as we go, just like the inspirational dragonfly.  We are here to share our knowledge with you, and we know our knowledge will continue growing and progressing ALL THE TIME… evolution is not stagnant!  No matter where you are now, or where you want to go, Luminous Body can help you achieve your goals… email us now for your complimentary, personalized strategy!

Spirit – Mind – Body

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin








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